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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 16:44:34 -0700 (PDT) From: Jason Subject: Rent Matthew - Part 13Matthew escapes on a road trip with his best friend, but loses something important when he returns. Rent Matthew -- Part 13 jason99usayahoo.com For Matthew, life had been simple before his return to the States. Though he grew up without a biological father, he had lived a normal life. And when he went overseas to study, he was also very happy. English girls gave in to his charm, and the monthly blow job from Gordon 12 and under diaper wasn't so distasteful either.And then his stepfather passed away, and everything changed. His mother needed him, his best friend needed him, and that 16 yo fuck pics was not enough. Sarah, Madeline, Professor Hubbard, Jose, everyone wanted HO5SE TUBE SEX PORN something from him. Though he cared for those around him, he incest porn mp4 felt he no longer had anything to give them. He had reached a cross road, something had to change, or he would.Matthew needed to get away from all that troubled him, from all the demands of him. So girls 16yo he picked the safest bet by going on a road trip with his best friend. "I like driving, Alex. I like the wind blowing through my hair. It makes me feel like I'm king of g1 mobile porn videos the world!" howled Matthew."What makes you think you aren't?" asked Alex. Seeing his friend happy brought him joy."Because I don't have control over my life, Alex. My 4 bi 4 dvd love life sucks. I can't get who I want to want me for more than my body. And because I'm not willing to give up, because I'm persistent, because I can't get past this one relationship, I can't reciprocate the feelings the people I care about have for me. It's driving me insane.""Don't worry about me.""But I do. You're my best friend. I may be in love with you without even knowing it.""What are you trying to say, Matt?""I don't know. That you're my best friend and I'm a rotten fool.""Shit head maybe, but you're no rotten fool!" yelled Alex as loud as he could real 14yo sex up into the wind. It was his turn to be crazy. Maybe Matthew was telling him the unbelievable. Maybe his friend was telling him he loved him."Whatever dude. So what do you want to do once we get there?""Have a bite to eat.""And then what, fool? Want to find a gay-friendly club? We need to get you some relief."Alex didn't respond right away. 5 minute quickie phone In fact, it took him a few moments to collect nude 12yo japan his thoughts, and when free mp4 porn movies he did talk, Matthew did not miss the furtive smirk on his friend's face. "What makes you think I haven't gotten 540xr butt assembly laid recently?"A silent moment passed between them, as the meaning of Alex's confession registered. "You lucky dog! Anyone I know?""Sorry, I don't kiss and tell.""The ZOO S4X ADULT hell you don't! I want details! Was he cute?""Yeah, he was really cute. And he was incredible in bed. But I'm not ready to tell you anymore, Matt.""That's cool, I respect that. But at some point, when you are ready, you will, won't you?""Sure, Matt.""I'm happy for you, buddy. I really am." Matthew was delighted to see his friend happy. To see Alex happy was better than having sex. And that was the total truth. Later that night, Matthew dragged Alex to a night club. They do some more bumping and grinding, except this time they are xxx sex 65 among a techno crowd of young, male anal 14071 specimens. Some fully clothed, others topless. It was their first gay dance club.As expected, guys from across the room lined up to buy them drinks and to get the opportunity to look at and maybe talk to the two new kids on the block. They both have a great time, maybe too much. "See anyone you like, Alex?""Yeah, lots. But download free mpeg4 porn tonight, I don't want to get lucky. cartoon porn 4u I just want to be myself.""See those cute guys over there drooling at us? Let's go talk to them. Maybe they want to dance." It was an incredible night. Alex got a few phone numbers, a few too many drinks, and some good mouth-to-mouth. He was also asked out to dance a dozen times. Matthew was hit on a few times himself, and like a gentlemen, he played along, never kissing them, but always willing to accept an offer to shake his thing. The two were invited to a number of private parties, but they respectfully declined. Instead, they chose to accept an invitation to another 80 grandma porn popular night club, where they 3 some milf movies continued to party away. By the time the two friends stumble back to their motel room, it's 5 in the morning. * * * * * The next day, Matthew 90 fs playmates woke up first. He was the designated driver and therefore only had a limited amount of drinks the night before. Alex, on the other hand, had had one too many, so Matthew let him sleep in a bit longer. He packed for the both of them, and went out to get some exercise and explore the city a bit.By the time he got back, Alex was still sound asleep. "Alex, wake up. You can sleep in the car. We need to hit the road soon. Why don't you take a quick shower first?""Yes, dad," groaned Alex. The two drive for another 4 hours before they stop to rest. They check into a room near the center of town. Tired and thirsty, the two decide to get a drink when night fell.While sipping beer at a local bar, a handsome couple from across the room briefly catches their attention. The attractive woman and her stunning male partner approached the two kids. "Hi I'm Catherine, and this is Bill. We've noticed you 2 handed handjobs two have been eyeing the entire room.""And we've noticed you've been doing the same," replied Matthew matter- of-factly. Catherine was stunned by Matthew's presence. Not only was he good-looking, but he was also observant, sharp, and witty. She sensed an immediate connection with the kid."My partner and I are wondering if you want to join us at our place for a drink. We live within walking distance," continued 12 yo panty asian Catherine."I don't know," nervously replied Alex."We don't have to do anything you D9G PORN TUBE SEX two aren't comfortable with. It could be you and I, or you and Bill. I could watch or Bill could watch, or we could just have a drink and call it a night," carefully proposed Catherine. She knew how attractive her partner and she were, and she reasoned that normal teenagers don't refuse free sex when they see it."Listen Catherine, we think you're both very good-looking people, and we'll think about it," interrupted Matthew."Can we at least buy you two a drink?" offered Bill, as he motioned the bartender to get them refills. Bill was definitely a class act. He was also really hot."Thanks, that's real kind of you," said Matthew."We'll be right over there. Just give us a holler if you change your mind," added Catherine, as she and Bill looked one last time at their crotches. Seductive and well-dressed, the handsome couple returned to their table."Whoa, can you believe that? I've never been propositioned 12yo girls sex like that before," said Matthew when the couple had gotten back to their seats. They continued to sip under 12 porn pictures their drinks and stare at Matthew and Alex."They're very attractive," said Alex, as he glance again at Bill's incredible body. Even across the room, Bill's pheromones were driving Alex crazy."Yeah, tell me about it. But you have someone back home, and you don't want to cheat on him.""Is 10 min flash porn that how you feel?" asked Alex, as he caught a smile from Bill."No. I'm in love, but it's not a committed relationship.""So you're free, in other words," interrupted Alex. And what he suggested next greatly surprised pics 12yo nude his friend, "Well, do you want to go where no fool has gone before?""My god, Alex!" exclaimed Matthew, as his eyes lit up. "Where was this side of you all my life?" And it was tiny 16 small xxx Alex, not Matthew, that was the first to reach the handsome couple, and accept their offer. "We thought about your offer and we're interested in having a drink at your place, maybe something more. Should we pick up some alcohol on the way?""No, we have plenty," replied Bill, as he caught Alex looking at his crotch. Bill was already sizing Alex up, calculating the number of times he'd fuck the kid before the night was over."I'm Alex by the way, and this is Matthew.""Nice to meet you two," replied Bill, "Shall we?""Do you do this often, have guests over?" asked Alex."Not too often," replied Catherine. "We've done it before, having someone over. It has always been one, but we couldn't help it this time. You two look delicious.""How long have you two been together?" asked Bill."Alex and I have been together for two months, and you?""Seven years," replied Catherine."Sharing ourselves with others helps keep our relationship on the edge," added Bill. As he spoke, Alex noticed how flashy his white teeth were. Dirty-blonde, tall, and handsome, Bill was bleach episode 132 the typical Swedish hunk. Matthew caught his 40 hoes friend stare at Bill's athletic body. When they arrived, Matthew and Alex were somewhat shocked. Catherine and Bill's place was enormous. They were, apparently, a wealthy couple. Stepping in, Bill turned on the music, which played throughout the entire house, and dimmed the lights. "If you don't mind Bill, Alex 10 yo naked boys and I have a policy. Whenever we get to know new friends, we don't drink anything that's not in a bottle or a can, and we avoid drugs. We're also into safe sex," said Matthew."No worries. I understand. We have plenty of beer in the refrigerator, and there are condoms in every room," added Bill."Very cool. Alex, do you want to help Bill get the beer? Maybe Bill can show you around the house.""Yeah, I'll give you a quick tour," volunteered Bill. Charming and very confident of himself, the Scandinavian beauty 12yo nudegirl returned with cold beer, and then led Alex upstairs. The way he walked, the way he carefully chose his sims 2 nude skins words showed a lot of class. He was also indisputably a heartthrob from head to toe. Blonde, red lips, a lanky body. Catherine was a lucky woman. Bill wasn't someone you could get tired of looking at. "So how old are you, Matthew?" asked Catherine."Do you really want to know?" replied Matthew. Catherine's eyes lit up. There was bears naked over 30 an uncertainty in her look. She was very beautiful, very glamorous, and only looked to be a few years older than Matthew. "Old enough to know what to do in bed," replied Matthew with a smile."Cute, very cute," said Catherine."You?" asked Matthew."Bill is 26, I'm 29." Conversation quickly became unnecessary, as the older woman wanted one thing, and one thing only. Catherine proceeded to feel the kid up. She was more than ten years his senior, but she knew exactly what she wanted from him. As she felt and toyed with his 15 yo girl naked groin, she looked up into his face, trying to read his thoughts, searching for an expression to connect with. "You're a very handsome kid, Matthew.""So you think I'm a kid?" interrupted Matthew with a mischievous smile. "That may change after you get to know me better." Once again, Catherine was impressed. She enjoyed his style, the way he defended himself. Good looks weren't everything in her world, as she was quite used to amateur 02 taking beautiful men to bed.The 772 mhz insertion loss music put them in the right mood, and as Matthew gulped his 16 inch cocks beer, Catherine began to undress him, taking his shirt off, massaging his chest, and in general having her way with his body. After she 3gp phone porn downloads managed to get his pants off, Catherine wasted little time and swallowed him live.That simple act was more sexual than erotic. She knew how to give head and she wanted it as much as he apparently did. Going down on him opened up pent up desires on both sides.But Matthew soon took control and turned the tides. He gave her ample foreplay and sensuous words, before he began to fuck Catherine 12 yers girl sex senseless on the couch. Pulling out, he slammed his cock into her the way she wanted it, only to repeat it again and again.She screamed his name over and over, until the kid brought her over the edge. When she came, it was explosive. Exhausted and well-spent, Catherine was asian nude pics 16 impressed with his stamina and athletic qualities. In her opinion, he was a really good catch. "That was incredible, Matthew. porno 14yo You really know how to treat a lady.""Thanks, Catherine. You're a very attractive woman." When Matthew got up to retrieve some cold drinks, her eyes followed his body. Not only did he have a beautiful face and could tits 12yo fuck like a machine, but he also had an incredible body. Once was not enough, thought Catherine. She had to have another taste, another ride. 70s incest porn The spot between her legs begged her for his attention.After he returned with their drinks, Catherine stole another kiss. Feeling his hardness free pre 14 nudes while he swallowed his drink, she assessed his package. Matthew played with Catherine's tits, and made out with her simultaneously. Catherine started moaning loudly. She was clearly excited again. That's when she proposed they venture upstairs.Matthew could hear Bill moaning like it was the end of the world. Half stuttering, half seeking oxygen to fuel his physical prowess, he was fucking Alex hard. The Scandinavian expertly pounded the kid like he was punishing him. Matthew watched reluctantly from the door. Bill did not have the decency to close 7th grade cheerleader the door. It was like he wanted Matthew to watch his friend take it up the ass.Bill was 95 celebrity 24 a stud in every respects, SEX P0RN HORSE TUBE tall, dark, and handsome. He fucked his new boy toy with the power and energy of a horse. Alex was no small kid, but 1940 s female vocalists he looked small siemens tc35i with Bill's large cock up his ass, slamming into him with the intensity of a porn star. Alex's eyes were closed, his head tilted back, his mouth open, gasping, moaning softly, his body absorbing the blows from Bill.Alex was apparently having a good time. Bill knew what he was doing, and Matthew should have been happy for his friend. But he felt something different, something unexpected, like he was maybe jealous or something.The Scandinavian beauty had this wonderful expression on his face, like he was stealing candy from a kid. It was an endless fuck whose end didn't seem near. Bill knew how to prolong it, to make it last. So he took pleasure in ravishing the kid's body to the max.Quick to seize the opportunity, Catherine went over and swallowed Alex. She was eating him alive, like she did with Matthew. Glued to the doorway, Matthew stood by and watched the threesome unfold. He couldn't will himself to participate. It just wasn't possible.But before he knew it, 1987 playboy playmates he was at Alex's side. Catherine had moved her hand to his cock, and was simultaneously pleasuring Alex and feeling him up. Alex opened his half-shut eyes wider. He sensed an impeding orgasm, and was looking at his best friend with a glazed look. Matthew ran his hand across Alex's chest, tracing the hardness of his friend's taunt body. He held Alex's face in his hand, looking into the blue depths of his soul. "I'm gonna cum," gasped Alex, wincing just before he shot his load. And when Catherine pulled her mouth off, volley after volley shot up chica boom 42 towards his face and neck, and some hit Matthew's hand. Matthew bent down and kissed his friend's wet forehead, before he left Alex in the hands of two over-sexed strangers. His best friend was happy, and so he had to be, even though it was gut-wrenching to be so.Slipping away was the easy part. Listening 19 inch dildo to the exhausting grunts, the heavy breathing, and the screams were a nightmare. And while he waited for the sex marathon to end, Matthew felt the presence of someone behind him, making his way to where he stood, looking out into the night. "You don't seem happy, Matt. Did I do something wrong?""No, silly. You didn't.""This foursome thing isn't your thing, is it?""No, it's not that. Catherine's hot. It just freaked me out a bit, seeing you and Bill.""I'm sorry, Matt. We should have closed the door.""No, don't apologize. It has nothing 1st time sluts to do with you. It has everything to do with me," replied Matthew, 3 women nude more serious and solemn than ever before. "Forget it, buddy. Did you at least enjoy it?""Hell yeah! It was a good fuck. I needed it. And now all I want is to hit the sack. We drive home tomorrow, right?""Yeah, that was the plan, unless you want to continue.""It's been great fun, Matt. And as much as babe ruth 1914 I would like to say yes, I S3X PORNO DOG know we can't. We have responsibilities at home. hot 13 olds xxx You have school and a job. I have to be with my family. They've given up so much for me.""I know your bbw 02 family is important to you, Alex. They are 12yo girls pics important to me also. But I want to make sure that you're happy. I don't want you to look back five years from now and regret anything.""I wanna run away with you, Matt. I wanna continue our road trip, make it a journey, not a short excursion. 3gp porn vids But not right now. We can't.""Good. You jump, I jump," Matthew mocked the scene from Titanic. "You go back, I go with you."It was silly, but Alex got serious. "You don't want to go back, Matt?""No, not really. I needed this break. But you do have a point. We need to get back to our lives. It's just that the 12yo nu nude last two days with you have been the happiest for me since I got back.""I know what you mean, Matt. It's been a blast. Let's try to do it again, and maybe more often," suggested Alex."You have a deal," said Matthew, as he put his hand out to high-five his friend. A bright smile flashed between them."Catherine said we could stay the night. She said decadent divas 17 rapidshare there were extra toothbrushes in the guest room." While the two go to sleep, Catherine and Bill fuck their brains out in the shower. The two boys they fucked got their relationship back on track. It was a strange way to spice one's relationship up, sharing partners, but it worked for them. The two dry off and head downstairs for more drinking.Later on, in the middle of the night, Matthew got up to get a drink for himself. He found Bill smoking outside. Bill took one look at the kid, put out his cigarette, and got into the house. "You wanna fuck?" asked Bill, almost seductively. He looked the kid over and wanted his sex immediately."Not really.""Come on. I'm flexible. We can go either way, maybe both ways," suggested Bill. He began to undress the kid in his mind. He wanted to run his hand fantasy twins mp3 across the hard abdomen and feel the kid's chest."I don't think so.""I enjoyed fucking your friend today. His ass was very tight. In fact, I was going to fuck him again tonight. I'm sure he wouldn't mind." It wasn't a threat, but in many ways it was. Bill was good-looking, and he was used to getting what he wanted.As Bill admired the kid's body, Matthew grew angry. "Leave him alone.""Why, you want me all to yourself?" Bill leaned back, and started to rub his arms and chest. Unknowing, he was giving off strong sexual vibes. He wanted the kid at all cost, and he was prepared to do anything."You're 90 s classic porn hot, but not my type.""Don't tell me you've never been 10 adult questions with a guy before?""That's none of your business.""I promise it'll be 12yo rape good. 15 yr sex pictures You saw me do your friend. He enjoyed it immensely. You saw him cum a second time without touching himself. I can do it for hours.""You're very persistent, but I want you to go to bed. And I want you to leave Alex out of this.""What makes you think I'll listen to you?" It was difficult to read Bill. He was very handsome, and had the body and face to prove it. His partner was a babe. Yet he was into guys as well. He already decided 3 porn girls he wanted to have sex with Matthew, and once decided, he was determined to satiate his hunger. "Bill, you down there?" asked Catherine, as she walked in on them. "What are orgy sex parties 4 you two talking about?""Matthew was just talking about how lucky I was to have you as my partner. He apparently enjoyed fucking you senseless.""Indeed," said Catherine, as her pointy eyebrows showed interest. "So Matthew, you want to try the two of us at the same time? I'm sure Bill would add an exciting dimension to the fun.""I would like that," interjected Bill, a smile crossed his face. He grabbed his crotch and felt himself, checking to see if Matthew noticed. "Otherwise, you can bang Catherine while I slip into bed with Alex." It was indeed a threat, and one way or the other, Bill was going to win. Matthew gave in, and the night of debauchery continued. The handsome couple did not bring home two beautiful boys for bleach intro 3 mp3 just one round of fun. They both needed to satiate their every desires, and in doing so, attempted to heat up their relationship. It was a messed up logic, but hey, everyone has a right to maintain their way of life.And when it was finally over, Bill found Matthew in the kitchen, looking out at the spectacular view. It was incredible, sex with Matthew was unreal. "Alex must be very special to you, Matthew," said Bill. He had thoroughly enjoyed the threesome. The kid was all he had Final fantasy7 hentai expected and more. Matthew's unsuccessful attempt 12yo nude underground at resisting only made it more enjoyable."He's my best friend.""Alex is quite a catch. He has a nice body, a youthful face.""And ukrain 12 yo girls you're one of a kind, Bill.""In what way?""You may be beautiful on 2011 snoop daddy specs the outside, but deep down, you're mean. You threaten me with hurting Alex, and then you talk to me as if you want to get to know me.""If I've made you unhappy, I'm sorry, Matthew.""You like me, but you don't say it straight out. You try to get me emotional. You like it rough in bed. You like getting your partner upset, nudist naturist 16yo so she'll fuck you harder. You're doing the same with me.""You're very good, kid. I find myself attracted to you.""I think I've done my part tonight. I'm going to bed now. 16 chick Good night." The next morning, Matthew and Alex get up at the crack of dawn and leave the mansion without saying goodbye. For Matthew, it was a sleepless night for more reasons than one. He was glad to get away. Half a day on the road and they finally half-life 2 hentai get home. Like water from a leaking dam about break, the routines of their old lives flood back. * * * * * There are days when Jose is rough with Matthew, there are days when he is gentle. Sure he cared about the kid, but his insatiable hunger for Matthew made him behave differently. Today was not a good one. Like a hunter, he entered the house and searched for his target. Matthew was brushing his teeth, but Jose couldn't wait.When Matthew saw Jose, sexlist under16 he gave focke wulf ta 183 one of his goofy expressions. But Jose was not in the mood for games. He ushered the kid into 13 yo thai girls the shower, turned on the water and began to wash the object of his desires. He pushed Matthew against the shower wall, placing his body alongside Matthew's entire back. He uttered urgent, sinful declarations, and began to take what he wanted. Tasting the kid's neck and ears, he felt the kid up, making Matthew squirm but not letting him go. Claiming what he wanted, 144 inch sheer curtains he took the kid to another extreme, one after the other. Entering the kid, he pounded slowly and deliberately.It was no use resisting, for Jose was in pussy kinder 15 old his aggressive mode. He could be romantic, demanding, and sensuous at the same time. 10 yo pics Today was no exception. He fucked Matthew tirelessly until they both erupted.After drying off and hitting the sack to free 3g mobile porn rest, Matthew heard Jose speak up in an unusual tone. "No matter what I do I'll never get ar-10 bare receivers it right. I'll Blowjob 2 girls never be good enough for you."This surprised Matthew, and he carefully chose his words before he responded. "No, Jose. The truth is, you're better than me."Jose tears up for the first time. "I want you to know I love you, Matt. I always will.""What is it?""I'm leaving, and I'm not returning.""What are you talking about, Jose?" asked Matthew, more shocked than angry."I can't live here Matt, knowing that you're with someone else. I thought having your body was enough. It's been terrific, but I'm dying inside and I need to move on.""I dragonball z episode 205 want you to stay." Matthew spoke deliberately and truthfully. He had gotten use to having Jose around. He couldn't bear the thought of not having his friend in his life."I can't, Matt. I can't.""I don't want you to be hurt, but I don't want to lose you at the same time.""Then make me stay.""How?""Give me something you've never 14yr porn given me before.""A blow job?""No, silly. I'm not talking about sex. Give me something you normally wouldn't""Which is a blow job," persisted the kid. A wide grin crossed Jose's face. He knew his friend was trying to be silly, and to be honest, it diapers size 7 was actually pretty funny! He looked 0ld nudists at the kid and wanted to have sex again. It was going to be a big loss, not having Matthew in his life. Yet he had to move on, or he'd waste away inside. "If you don't want head, you must want to be fucked," suggested Matthew."Whatever, man. I've never been fucked before and I don't intend to now, especially with someone who's in love with another.""Then I guess I get to ride you until you tell me what you want." Matthew wrestled Jose onto Cfnm sensations4women his back and got on top of him. And once again, they fuck like dogs. But just before Jose tops, Matthew pulled himself off. Hovering above his friend, he looked down at Jose's intense expression. It was a look of ecstasy turned horror. "What you are doing? I'm need to cum, Matt.""I want to know if you love me. If you really, really love me.""You know I do. Matt, please.""I want you to say it," persisted the kid."I love asian parade vol 4 you Matt. I've always loved you, and I always will." Matthew lowered his mouth onto Jose, and they French kiss. And as Jose held Matthew's waist and tried his best to move it over his cock so he could finish his fuck, Matthew maneuvered to the side. Still sucking Jose's lips, Matthew's hand slid along Jose's body, down the chest and abdomen, until he reached the object he was after. He felt the large cock and pulled the condom off. Then immediately replaced it with his mouth. "Fuck!" gasped Jose, as he boy cum 3gp held the face he loved and slipped his cock all the way in. More than anything, he wanted to cum. Matthew gagged, pulled off, waited, then went back down again. By relaxing and adjusting his throat muscles, he was able to take Jose eventually. Once he got used to the size, which took a few minutes, Matthew pulled off and played with Jose's head, kissing and licking it. Showing the same kind of skill he performed on his professor, the kid began to suck in earnest, sliding down fast and twisting his head slowly while he pulled back, only to 71 mustang trunk bottom repeat T7BE HORSE SEX PORNO it again and again.And then it ended abruptly. Deep inside the kid's throat, Jose was stimulated to the most intense blow job he had ever received. He erupted hard, and for the first time ever, Matthew swallowed. Though 29 gal saltwater ideas the taste was new to him, Matthew wanted to do this for his friend.Jose was mind-blown. It was the first blow job he had received from Matthew. And it was unmistakably intense. If he had only known earlier, he would have had the kid go down on him more often. "I love having sex with you Jose," gasped Matthew, as he caught sex illegal very 14 his breath, the taste of Jose still lingering in him. They do it all night, each waking up the other, taking the other to the next extreme, like it was a freaking contest or something. And when all was quiet, when Matthew was asleep, Jose slipped his clothes halo 3 porn back on.Matthew didn't hear Jose leave. But when he woke up at the break of dawn and found the note, he could barely read it without denying what he already knew. "If there was any other way to leave without hurting you, I would. I'll always remember you, Matt. And I'll always love 8 ball porn tube you. [Signed] Your friend, Jose."Like raindrops to concrete, Matthew's tears covered the letter. He couldn't fathom what life would be like without his friend. More than ever, he needed Jose to comfort him, to bring him physical and emotional balance. He wanted to tell Jose he loved him, but it was too late. * * * * * To Be Continued... jason99usayahoo.com
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